The Image Processing System is a collection of the various elements involved in digital image processing. The processing of an image using a digital computer is known as digital image processing. Digital image processing employs a variety of computer algorithms to process digital images.

It is made up of the following components:

Components of Image Processing System
Components of Image Processing System

Image Sensors

Image sensors detect the intensity, amplitude, coordinates, and other characteristics of images and send the information to image processing hardware. It contains the problem domain.

Image Processing Hardware

Image processing hardware is the specialized hardware that is utilized to process the image sensor instructions. It sends the output to a general-purpose computer.


The computer used in the image processing system is the same computer that we use in our daily lives.

Image Processing Software

The software that contains all of the mechanisms and algorithms utilized in an image processing system is known as image processing software.

Mass Storage

During image processing, the pixels are stored in mass storage.

Hard Copy Device

Once the image has been processed, it is saved to a hard copy device. It might be a pen drive or another type of external ROM device.

Image Display

It includes the monitor or display screen on which the processed images are shown.


The network connects all of the aforementioned aspects of the image processing system.