Our Story

We are students of Engineering. In our study, we face so many problems regarding our subject. Sometimes we do get lazy and didn’t concentrate on teachers’ lectures and sometimes teachers do not elaborate on the topics. As a result, before the examination, we got panic and look around for the notes available in our surrounding area. Sometimes we do find notes or some we don’t, sometimes the quality of the notes reach our expectation.

Keeping those in mind, we some students of different Engineering subject create this Website. We are uploading the notes which we are creating for our own purpose and to help others who are facing the same issues as us.

Hope we are helping you guys. If we give any fault information, then please tell us about it. So that no one else gets the wrong information.

And if you guys have any detailed notes for everyone in the world then feel free to contact us. We will be glad to post those notes on our website.