Welcome to our blog article on “Determinants of Project Success in Project Management“. In this article, we will delve into the various factors that determine the success of a project.

What is Project Success?

Before we get into the factors that contribute to a successful project completion, let’s define what a successful project is.

A Project is considered to be successful if the goals are achieved

You may achieve your project objectives but fail to meet other criteria associated with successful project completion.

Having an experienced project manager is the first step toward project success, but there are several other major factors that influence the project’s outcome. A project requires careful planning, effective communication, and attention to detail in order to be successful. Organizations can achieve project success through proper risk management and strong project closure.

Keys of Successful Project

It is difficult to determine whether a project is successful or not. A project, however, is considered successful if it comprises four fundamental elements. The conditions for a successful project are summarized as follows:

Keys of Success Full Project
  1. On-Time: One of the limitations of project implementation is time. A project is considered successful only when it starts and ends on time. This indicates that the project was finished according to the project plan’s time schedule.
  2. On Budget: The second limitation of the project is the limited budget. Budget limits exist in every endeavor. A successful project will make optimal use of resources in order to stay under budget. That is, if a project is finished within budgetary constraints, it is considered a success.
  3. High Quality / Performance: All the projects are run following some technical guidelines. At the beginning of the project, it is decided how the project activities will be performed. What will be the outcome or output of the project? The program of the project is decided on the basis of what kind of output is expected from the project. The buyer/entrepreneur of any project expects that the output of the project will meet their demand and the project is being implemented to meet their demand. So if the work process at each level of the project is performed in accordance with the standard then its output standard will be agreed upon. Thus providing quality compliant output through a compliant work process is a notable determinant of a successful project.
  4. Customer Acceptance / Satisfaction: Any project that is accepted and run considers the buyer’s requirements. As a result, the primary goal of all projects is to satisfy customers. So, if a project is of good quality, ensures client happiness, and is accepted by the buyer, it is considered a success. The buyer assesses the project’s success and expresses his or her delight. As a result, the project’s success is determined by the amount of client satisfaction.

Therefore, in view of the above discussion, it can be said that a project which has the mentioned four elements in the project will be considered a successful project.