Subaru Outback Possible Theft

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This morning, I took the day off work to start this blog.  It’s been on my mind for some time now, and I figured this day was as good as any to start writing about my observation on this big globe.

I started with a quick 6AM visit to a local 24-Hour Fitness to keep the body strong.  I do this regularly, too.  I wouldn’t classify myself as the world’s most physically intimidating guy, but I’m physically fit and am a fan.

Anyway, after finishing my shower and getting dressed, I exited the building.  That’s when I noticed a car alarm beeping away. Naturally, I peeked around the corner to the side of the parking lot facing Colorado Blvd.  I saw a Subaru Outback parked noticing that the hatchback was open.  I also peered what appeared to be a kennel in the back.  Paranoid as I am about theft, I walked back into the gym and made the girl at the front desk aware of the situation.

She offered to make an announcement over the intercom while mentioning that most members may not hear it due to headphones use.  To me, this was helpful but possibly ineffective if the owner was listening to audio.  I offered a solution.  My solution was for her to write on a piece of paper “Do you own a Subaru Outback?”.  I thought she should simply walk up to the members with the note to minimize interruption to their workout focus.  She stated again that she would make the announcement in the hopes the person would hear it and visit the front desk.  I persisted in offering to take the note around the gym.

She created the note that read “Do you own a blue Subaru Outback in the corner parking lot?”.  I walked to the front of the first member on a stair-climber.  She was unable to read the sign so she took out her glasses then stated she did not.  I next approached the guy on the stair-climber two over.  He said this was his car.  I advised him that the hatchback was open.  I’m thinking he will start a mad dash to his car to find out if his car has been vandalized or robbed.  He calmly mentioned that he knew it was open and that it was because his dog was in the back.  He did pause his workout because he was not aware that his alarm was also going off.

I have a few thoughts on this interaction and observance.

I commend this driver for being incredibly considerate of his dog’s health and well-being.  I think we definitely have a shortage of people that care this much for the furry friends of the world.  Thank you, Mr., wherever you are.

As people and potential problem-solvers, we have to get better at thinking outside our boxes.  While the gym employee was more than willing to assist, I believe she could have been more immediately willing to interact with the members directly as opposed to the most indirect option of the intercom.  I think this strongly, especially considering she offered that most members might not even hear it.  Has the advent of text messages and other forms of instant non-contact really made it so easy to pick any method that might lead to limited interaction with humans?  What do you think?

I’m a fan of locking car doors when you’re away from your car.  Yes. A window can easily be broken, but the purpose of locking doors is not 100% prevention of theft.  It deters only.  A would-be thief likely won’t go through the trouble to break a glass for fear of getting caught.  A “professional” thief does not care that your door is locked; they’ll break the window or destroy the door to get in to see what goodies you left him or her.  What?!? Women steal, too.  Check your local women’s prison if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, there are definitely products on the market that will further deter thieves.  I’ll revisit this post in a short while to add links to some of them.

Until then, I’m on to the next post and observation.  See you soon.

James @ Box of Notes 🙂

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