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Box of notes exists for the purpose of attempting in many ways possible to assist other people in understanding. I suspect that this page will be the one that rarely is looked at so I very much appreciate your taking the time to view it. Thank you.

Well, my name is James. I live in Denver, Colorado. I enjoy giving advice in many of my daily activities. Believe me, it’s not always appreciated, either. That’s okay, though, because I provide it with good intention all the same. 🤔

I’m originally from Mississippi and ended up here after leaving the military some years ago. I realize there are many many places to live on Earth, but I really enjoy living here. I have access to the mountains, lakes, rivers, and all the rest of the outdoor activities in Colorado. I like to kayak, hike, bike, snowboard, and other things here.

I very much enjoy maintaining a website. I’ve had other projects over the years, but they are no longer active. I hope that over time this website, Box of Notes 📝, becomes a place of inspiration for those in need. I would never say that this is the place for everything as it relates to emotional and mental needs, however, I strive to give site users a good experience. Some of the content on this website was not necessarily requested by any particular individual, but I saw him/her post somewhere that inspired me to write that person a letter of inspiration.

I would like to add that in this day and age there are people or individuals in need of real therapeutic assistance. Those individuals should seek a professional psychologist or psychiatrist or maybe even pick up the phone and dial the suicide hotline. That number is 1 800 273 8255. Please reach out to them if you are in need.

I really appreciate you for visiting my website please feel free to submit any suggestions, thoughts, or just drop me a line. Thank you. 🙂